Nate Herth
My art evokes the energy and motion of the world. I am compelled by the tension between the conscious deliberation of human action and the perpetual non-conscious activity of the atmosphere that surrounds us. The volatile interaction of these two antipodes – the manmade and the natural – produces a collision of contrasting visual stimuli that I reflect upon in my work.

I am pierced and transported by the margins that construct the bailiwick of my subjective perception and ocular reality. The disparate, yet balanced edges that frame my lens and scaffold my visual manifesto produce a harmonious resonance between otherwise unlikely bedfellows – urban and rural; landscape and man; organic and inorganic; harmony and tumult; patterns and abstraction. The touchstone of my creative philosophy is the meditative inquiry into this beautiful disquiet that engulfs each of us
Nate Herth Artist

Nate Herth was born in San Francisco, CA, and has been a Seattle resident since 2001. He was raised in the manifold Haight-Ashbury neighborhood, and moved to the bucolic wheat fields of Walla Walla, WA to attend Whitman College. As a student, he studied printmaking, drawing and painting and worked under Keiko Hara and Anna Hepler. Currently a master teaching artist, Nate provides immersive, multidisciplinary arts education for students K-12. The diverse nature of his upbringing, education and career expressively parallels the balanced cacophony of his work.

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Nate Herth, master  teaching artist

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© all rights reserved – Nate Herth
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